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Syncopate Lab nominated for World Summit Awards

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Syncopate designs digital products that change the way you relate to the law.  

Law will always need text, but text no longer needs paper. The rule of law in future will be shaped by law as data, not paper.  

We are building the tools we wish we had from our experience in development, research, legal practice, writing and publishing.  

Our tools bring relief from mounting complexity, while embedding the values expected of digital public infrastructure.  

If you work with legal documents,
we want to work with you. 

At Syncopate, we're constantly working with law using digital systems: creating research and publication tools, testing artificial intelligence, and developing rules as code.  

We’re designing products for real-world use-cases, based on our own experiences. We’ll improve security, efficiency, and effectiveness for people working in complex commercial, political, regulatory, and legal processes.  

We’re also embedding the values and principles that we expect to be incorporated in digital public infrastructure.  

We’re currently working with legal instruments from the European Union, the United Nations, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia and offer a bespoke document conversion service. You can also register for updates on future product releases by contacting us here



Tom Barraclough



Tom Barraclough is the director of the Brainbox Institute. He is a legal researcher and consultant working at the intersection of law, public policy and technology, working with governments, industry, international organisations, and civil society.  

Hamish Fraser


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Hamish Fraser is a software developer, researcher and director of Verb. He is committed to better digital civic infrastructure and is a recognised pioneer of rules as code and the “better rules” programmes. 

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